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12th Annual First Nations Launch Engages, Inspires Artemis Generation

One way the agency is engaging and inspiring the next generation is through the First Nations Launch (FNL) National High-Power Rocket Competition – the largest, undergraduate high-powered rocket program in the U.S. available for Native American students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, teams may participate in multiple challenges throughout the project year. However, many of the challenges have a number of requirements. Therefore, teams should investigate the time and resources needed to be successful.  

To be successful in an Artemis Student Challenge, teams of students and advisor(s) should be curious, passionate, dedicated interested in learning more about Artemis by completing requirements that contribute to NASA’s missions.

NASA’s Artemis Student Challenges are available for college students. Student Launch and the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge also engage younger audiences. Several challenges have more specific requirements to be able to compete. 

The NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge is currently the only Artemis Student Challenge open to international teams. Requirements are detailed on the Rover website.

Total expenditures can vary greatly between projects and teams. Typically, the largest expense is traveling to in-person events. Beyond travel, expenses will depend on the individual materials, tools and requirements of the team’s individual design. Establishing a preliminary budget is a good first step in determining whether participation is feasible.
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Do you want to learn how you can be part of the mission? Explore how you and the Artemis Generation, can improve life here on Earth while helping us to prepare for journeying to the Moon and eventually Mars.

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